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Are you a good Bookkeeper ? Really? Are you expert in running your own bizzy Bizness or expert in accounting and bookkeeping? Do you really know what you are doing when it comes to your BAS reporting to the ATO? Have you claimed the right GST amount ? Do you know how to read your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet ? Do you know the difference between an Asset, Equity, Expense? is there GST on Vic Roads?  I could be here all day, but I think you catch the drift here. So many questions QuickBooks Training, Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping Well we are? Expert in both. We offer QuickBooks… Read More

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Why do Aussie Small Businesses need a Bookkeeping

Intuit QuickBooks Online reveals the results of its national small business survey. Are you using a qualified Bookkeeper? Small Business Bookkeeping Software Surprisingly more than 50% are still using the old fashioned ledger books that  I learn Accounting with (showing my age) and spreadsheets for their bookkeeping in their business. With online solutions now available to everyone, users are likely to experience time saving, accurate financials and quicker cash flow into the business,  by emailing out directly invoices. What the survey found that 44% are not using a bookkeeper or a trusted Advisor who can help them get onto the right path of financial health. Read more:

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