Why Bookkeeping is Essential for Your Business

Bookkeeping policies play a key role in organizing economic life. Be it the public sector or a private company, every activity is assessed and evaluated around its costs, benefits, risks and rewards.

Bookkeeping is thus regarded as a communicative discipline: the numbers as such are important means of conveying information to stakeholders, regulators and consumers. Moreover, bookkeeping enables reporting and assessment of performance, providing clear visibility to see how well you are performing.

Bookkeeping’s Usefulness for Managers

Through its scope of transparency and visibility, bookkeeping figures produce as well as limit subjectivity. Be it on an individual level or from a managerial perspective, the figures are a useful mechanism to aid decision making through quantifying results rather than subjective result. Quantifying things makes them easier to be compared with and benchmarked against, hence they can be deemed as more controllable.

Bookkeeping Make Comparisons Easier

By classifying things under different categories and unifying them in terms of their financial value, bookkeeping facilitates comparison.

Bookkeeping allows you to make informed choices for your business through its focus on maintaining efficient records of the complete financial transactions that take place. The records can be useful in drawing linkages between the activities and the resultant revenue generated.

Outsourcing is a Viable Option too

For small to medium businesses, an in-house bookkeeping system is not always ideal. Many business owners, however, do not understand how well this transition would model itself in order to ensure that all the pieces fit together. However, innovation in software technology has made it relatively easier. Outsourcing can provide a relatively cheaper service than a traditional in-house bookkeeper would.

To top that, you can make use of different packages or we like to call them monthly solutions,  such as hourly rates or a monthly flat-rate to suit your business requirements. Thus, outsourcing offers you an option to customize your bookkeeping with us to tailor what your business needs.

Looking at monthly solutions offered by Quick Bizness Bookkeeping Solutions starting at $290.00 (exGST) per month this breaks down to $66.52 per week. Including in this package is:

  • monthly bookkeeping,
  • your QuickBooks Online monthly subscription, Plus version www.intuit.com.au 
  • ReceiptBank an app, take a photo of your expense or invoice and uploads to the dashboard for us to pick up and send to QuickBooks Online,
  • BAS quarterly Lodged
  • access to the QBBS Team when you require, this is headed up by Sharen Johnson our Senior Bookkeeper

Which Type of Bookkeeping Solution is Best for Your Business?

Figuring out what you want for your business bookkeeping is essential. Make use of the wide range of bookkeeping solutions flexible to suit any budget.

Choose from either setting up a new bookkeeping system or simplified bookkeeping services that come with a reconciliation of your overall accounts. We also provide a ‘Rescue’ package to update your books and fix all GST related issues with the help of our experts. Tailoring our approach to fit your style of business, we specialize in providing the optimum solutions to your business bookkeeping needs.

We can help ensure your peace of mind with our expert solutions covering preparation of BAS (Business Activity Statements), payroll processing and management reporting.

Our QuickBooks online tools and training allows you to fully upgrade your accounting records, we help your fix your allocation of payroll if not correctly processed. We reconcile GST control accounts, PAYG & Superannuation control accounts and just ensuring that it is 100% correct.

Save money over in-house bookkeeping systems and forget having to worry above complying with tax laws, you dont have to pay us to go on holidays or sick leave.  Get in touch with the experts and talk about making numbers work for you!

Get in touch with the experts and talk about making numbers work for you!

Your Bookkeeping Business consultants, making sense of your financials with smarter bookkeeping.

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