4 Tips for Getting your Business through the tough times!

4 Tips for getting your Business through the tough times! If you’re a small business owner whose company hasn’t gone through hard times, that’s great but it’s likely to happen at some point. As much as we dream about being brilliant enough at business that we’ll never face slow times, there are many things beyond our control that can negatively affect our business. It’s highly likely that the Coronavirus and it’s resulting impacts, could put some significant pressure on your business. Here are four tips for getting your business through difficult periods so you can look forward years of business ownership. 1: Focus on your existing customers When companies go… Read More

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Covid-19 JobKeeper Alternative Eligibility Tests

JobKeeper Alternative Eligibility Tests The ATO has just released Alternative Tests for the JobKeeper payment which expands eligibility from the initial basic test This is good news for many businesses, particularly startups, those affected by last year’s droughts and those with variable revenues. The JobKeeper payments are a wage subsidy for employers during  Covid-19,part of the Australian Federal Government Stimulus More information on ATO website : https://www.ato.gov.au/General/JobKeeper-Payment/ Basic Test If you satisfy the eligibility requirements for the basic test, you can ignore the alternative tests below. The basic test is satisfied where your projected GST turnover for the period falls short of your current GST turnover for the relevant comparison period,… Read More

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