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QuickBooks Health Review

Do you look at your QuickBooks Online file and wonder if your figures are correct?

Or have you had a conversion from a third party and wonder if everything is at it should be?

You know something is not quite right but cant put your finger on the issse!

Not sleeping at night as you know your Profit and Loss is not right and Payroll is just not working the way it should?

Well look no further, Lauretta offers business owners just like you her Health Review service. Lauretta takes a deep dive into your QuickBooks file and reviews what is not right in your file and gives you a report with her Findings and also bookkeeping solutions. You can opt to do these yourself or you can purchase support hours and have Lauretta fix the issues.

Book in now for Lauretta’s Health Review

  • Step 1: Click on below Purchase QuickBooks Health review
  • Step 2: Add to Cart 
  • Step 3: Check out by adding in your purchase details
  • Step 4: Lauretta will reach out to you with next steps to be completed

QuickBooks Health Review steps:

Lauretta will email you with set questions to tailor your health review to your business.

  1. Please add Lauretta in QuickBooks books as an Accountant user – using this email address – if you have issues please email Lauretta 

2. Lauretta will commence your Health Review on your books
3. Lauretta will send out a Findings and Solutions report
4. Once you review the report, come up with a plan with Lauretta to commence rescuing your QuickBooks accounts. Lauretta can train you to fix the issues or Lauretta can rescue your books.
5. If you need Lauretta to rescue your books you can purchase the 2 -3 or  4 hourly support package and use the code XXXXXXXXX (lauretta will give you a code)  to receive a 5% discount

Lauretta has the answers