At Intuit we know that running a small business means life can get a bit hectic – often information and contacts are spread across a range of applications and platforms. For that now you can connects to gmail with your QuickBooks Online.

To help you save time and streamline the process of entering new contacts in QuickBooks Online, we have introduced a new Gmail integration which gives you simple, live access to your Gmail address book.

How QuickBooks Online connects to Gmail

On QuickBooks forms such as invoices, bills and sales receipts, you have the option to add the details of an existing customer or use our ‘Quick Add’ function, for those times when you have a new contact to enter but just need to get the job done quickly.

Now, as part of the Quick Add offering, you can connect to your Gmail account to automatically add a new customer and all of their corresponding details to QuickBooks.


When you select ‘Get my Gmail contact’, you will be asked to sign in and then asked to approve the connection between Gmail and QuickBooks (note: you can disable this connection later).

Once connected, you can select from your first 1000 Gmail contacts. Their information will be pre-populated in QuickBooks and you can decide whether to add any additional details or update these at a later stage.

Gmail 4

When you hit save, the Gmail contact will become a QuickBooks Online contact and therefore, easily accessed through your QBO address book from then on.

So it’s simple and intuitive. With our new Gmail integration, you won’t have to learn anything new – all you have to do is enjoy a more streamlined way to update and access your contacts!

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