Prior to 2014, in Australia, QuickBooks was a desktop accounting and bookkeeping program republished and distributed licensed by Reckon. Following the release of Intuit’s cloud bookkeeping software in Australia, Reckon’s QuickBooks desktop financial products were renamed Reckon Accounts Personal.

Despite the change in name, there is still confusion between the two accounting programs. We’ve heard stories of individuals enrolling in what they thought was QuickBooks Online course only to discover it was in fact on Reckon Accounts instead. It’s for this reason why as a leading expert on QuickBooks Online we started running training sessions exclusively on QBO.

So what is Reckon?

The desktop version of QuickBooks was rebranded as Reckon Accounts in 2013. Reckon offers both desktop and cloud versions of their software. Their cloud version called Reckon One is a relatively new online accounting platform. Launched in 2014, its functionality is still quite limited in comparison to QuickBooks Online. That being said, it appears that Reckon is investing heavily in their platform.

So what is QuickBooks Online? 

QuickBooks Online is the world’s largest accounting software in the world. It is trusted by over 1 million customers globally. QuickBooks Online is easily customised to suit the needs of your business and offers a range of extensions, apps and functionality to make managing your financials as easy as possible.

QuickBooks Online is an affordable cloud accounting package when compared to its competitors.

Why we specialise in QuickBooks Online

At QBBS we wanted to be different to other bookkeeping businesses, as a result we decided to specialise in one accounting software only. We didn’t want to spread ourselves too thinly and after evaluating a range of cloud accounting software solutions we chose QuickBooks Online. Our reasons for choosing Quickbooks ONLINE was many, but after undertaking significant user testing we saw how easy it was for non-technical users to use it successfully. Its ability to integrate easily with apps such as PayPal makes it the ideal solution to meet the needs of an evolving business.

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