There is much more to setting up a new QuickBooks file than most would think, we see many clients come in 6 – 12 months later or more that have been using there file,

but they have issues with it,

the balance sheet doesn’t look right,

the Profit and Loss isn’t right not to mention the

BAS doesn’t seem quite right either.

it more than likely in your setup of the back end of QuickBooks, get it right and save yourself a lot of time and spandoola $$$

Get it right from day 1 – Setup of QuickBooks Online file from specialists in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online file:
Set-up to include the following Basic Setup:

GST Setup

up to 5 bank / credit card account feeds setup

Classes / Locations up to 5 each

Chart of Accounts (COA) tailored to your business- 40 accounts setup with Numbers

Users unlimited setup

up to 5 service/products set up


Plus feature setup that you haven’t even thought of

Fee: to setup new QBO file as above  –  service fee  from $650.00 + GST (upfront fee)

Ask us for more information

Payroll setup &  Single Touch Payroll (S.T.P.)

Payroll setup including:

individual employees details up to 5 employees

Super Clearing setup in QBO

Single Touch Payroll connection to ATO for reporting

Fee: to setup 1 –  5 employees on Single Touch Payroll and Super Clearing House $250.00 + GST (upfront fee) 

Fee: to setup 5 – 10 employees on Single Touch Payroll and Super Clearing House $450.00 + GST  (upfront fee)