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QuickBooks Online Support on call

Lauretta Finis, owner of Quick Bizness Bookkeeping Solutions (QBBS) is a member of the Intuit Australia’s Training & Writing Network and is the go-to person for QuickBooks Online heads up the team at QBBS.

Lauretta offers support to all QuickBooks users,  if you want to take care of you own books, but require expert & BAS Agent advice periodically, then Lauretta’s support is for you.

This service includes personal one-on-one support, which in turn will allow you to have journal maintenance, charting of accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, help with your bank reconciliations and financial reporting for your finances and business, all tailored to your business needs.

I started to try and use Quickbooks for my business and was really starting to struggle to get it set up correctly. A quick search on Google and I found QBBS. One quick 15 minute call with Lauretta, I knew I found the person to solve my set up problems. She quickly understood my requirements and a couple of days later, I had my system set up and ready to go. Lauretta was professional, helpful, patient and very knowledgeable.

Thanks very much Lauretta, you saved the day!Atholl Johnstone CEO, XY Vision April 13 2020

Lauretta wants you to get the most out of QuickBooks support Online, and has developed hands on training/support services personally tailored to meet to your individual needs.

Your support can be used up in 15 minute increments or in the bulk amount purchased, depending on what is required to be completed, with  no expiry date within 12 months of purchase you have lots of support up your sleeve for Lauretta to support your business.

Support can be done by Zoom, a remote access,  where Lauretta will walk your through your issues and fix,  as you walk through it  together so you learn by your mistakes. Or if your happy for Lauretta to fix your issues as your too busy, Lauretta will charge by the 15 minute increments,  that it takes to process the issue of the support question. You will get an updated time outstanding report each time support is used.

On completion of your booking, you will receive a Tax Invoice showing that the package has been purchase, also a thank-you email and don’t forget to email us with any extra details.

2 hour’s support $360 inc GST
QuickBooks on the go
3 Hours Support $500.00 inc GST
4 Hours Support $ 640.00 inc GST