Covid-19 JobKeeper Alternative Eligibility Tests

JobKeeper Alternative Eligibility Tests The ATO has just released Alternative Tests for the JobKeeper payment which expands eligibility from the initial basic test This is good news for many businesses, particularly startups, those affected by last year’s droughts and those with variable revenues. The JobKeeper payments are a wage subsidy for employers during  Covid-19,part of the Australian Federal Government Stimulus More information on ATO website : Basic Test If you satisfy the eligibility requirements for the basic test, you can ignore the alternative tests below. The basic test is satisfied where your projected GST turnover for the period falls short of your current GST turnover for the relevant comparison period,… Read More

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Thinking of Converting to QuickBooks Online?

I realise that you might have a few questions regarding Intuit’s QuickBooks Online free data conversion service. Converting to Quickbooks Online I have recorded a training webinar geared to the Accountant / Bookkeeper on  free conversions to QBO. Even if your a business owner this will be extremely helpful to you – All that you need to do is go directly to the conversion pages and follow the directions. If you need any help please contact me on Also I show you how to set up a brand new file – what you need to look at when setting up your new file, hints n tips &what not to do!  … Read More

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QuickBooks on the go

We offer QuickBooks Training, Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping

Are you a good Bookkeeper ? Really? Are you expert in running your own bizzy Bizness or expert in accounting and bookkeeping? Do you really know what you are doing when it comes to your BAS reporting to the ATO? Have you claimed the right GST amount ? Do you know how to read your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet ? Do you know the difference between an Asset, Equity, Expense? is there GST on Vic Roads?  I could be here all day, but I think you catch the drift here. So many questions QuickBooks Training, Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping Well we are? Expert in both. We offer QuickBooks… Read More

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