From slow reporting to incorrect figures, tax issues to even fraud, hiring the wrong bookkeeper can be detrimental to your business. We’ve complied three essential questions that you should ask a bookkeeper before hiring them.

• How often will the potential bookkeeping service be able to report?
In today’s competitive market you need to make quick decisions. Updated books that accurately reflect your current financial position can help you make an informed decision. Finding out how often your books will be updated by the bookkeeper is essential to avoid any potential frustrations.

• What kind of experience does the potential bookkeeper have?
This is a very significant question, try to assess their knowledge to verify their certifications. Find out how long they have been in the industry, why they started their business and what industry experience they have. Do they look after various industries or are they specialized?

• How is your data protected?
This is something that is often ignored at the time of appointing bookkeeping services. Ask questions regarding encryption, who has access to the data and how often the data is backed up.Most bookkeepers now use cloud bookkeeping, which ensures data is stored and updated on a regular basis, but best not to assume, always clarify to be on the safe side.

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