The future of bookkeeping largely depends on bookkeepers’ attitudes towards change. Technology is only going to advance. There are a few things bookkeepers can do to ensure they remain relevant in the years to come. This comes down to 3 Es: Embrace, Expand, and Educate.

Embrace Change

Having an open mind towards new technologies will make the transition easier. Instead of refusing to adopt new methods, bookkeepers should ask themselves how can I use this to my advantage?  Find the strengths and opportunities the new software or app offers and become an early adopter.

Expand Services

While remaining within legislation requirements, bookkeepers have the opportunity to expand into new services. With automated accounting and bookkeeping software, such as Quickbooks Online, a lot of business owners are choosing a DIY approach to bookkeeping. This means some services offered by bookkeepers are no longer needed. However, bookkeepers will be able to offer training or consulting for this software. They have the skills and know-how to train business owners in new software that meets their individual business needs.

Educate Yourself

In order to capitalise on new services bookkeepers must keep their skills current. It’s important to recognise weak areas and work on those. New technology has a learning curve; therefore, early adopters have an opportunity to get ahead of the game. Keeping skills up to date means that clients, who require training, are getting the best possible experience from their bookkeeper.

There will always be a future for bookkeeping. The digital world is only a new frontier, full of opportunity for those who embrace change.

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