We speak with a lot of business owners regarding their accounting software and the most common question we receive is in relation to how they can learn more about their books.

‘How can I understand my books better?’

It’s no surprise that business owners want to know this, they want to know where most of their income is coming from and where most of their expenses are occurring. Yet when they log onto their accounting software they are often left confused, not sure where to look or what to look for.

Well not anymore thanks to quickbooksonline-training.com.au.

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in QuickBooks Online, Lauretta Finis offers a range of customized training solutions that are tailored to meet individual business needs.

What information will be covered in the QuickBooks Online Training session?

This training is customised for business owners and is relevant for both small and large business owners. It covers a range of topics:

  • How to generate the correct reports and fix any bookkeeping issues
  • How to train your staff from setting up the file to everyday transactions
  • How to understand advanced reporting for your business
  • Plus much more!

How does the training session work?

The training session involves going through the essentials of QuickBooks Online. In addition, the training session is customised to meet the needs of attendees. All attendees are contacted prior to the session to confirm the biggest issue that they are currently facing. Come prepared with lots of questions!

Free WiFi will be provided on the day, so all is required is a laptop, a training manual is also provided which all attendees can keep for later use.

What will I get out of the training session?

Clarity and a better understanding of bookkeeping, saving business owners time and money in the long run.

“I found Lauretta’s bookkeeping and training services on-line while seeking help with moving my employer’s accounts from MYOB to Quickbooks. Lauretta organised efficient training sessions that enabled dedicated focus on what my employer and I needed to do to set up and manage our business correctly in Quickbooks, as well as identify and fix bookkeeping issues. I continue to utilise Lauretta’s skills and support on an ongoing basis as occasional queries/issues arise. Therefore, I highly recommend Lauretta’s services to any individual or business needing assistance with bookkeeping or QuickBooks Online.”

Sharon Collins
Operations Coordinator & Administrator
Environeer Pty Ltd

How do I book?

Our dedicated training sessions for business owners runs the first Monday of every month. Places are limited to nine participants so early bookings are encouraged. Our June 6th training session sold out in less than one week!

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