QuickBooks Reckon as it is know here in Australia. Nothing can take away from its history as one of the industry’s first and best financial management systems. But today there is a  more powerful, simple-to-use product offering that has been designed to help take your business to new heights. And Intuit Australia offer free conversion to QuickBooks Online.

Upgrade to QuickBooks Online

We know change can be scary but switching from your old QuickBooks Reckon (here in Australia) account to the new QuickBooks Online doesn’t have to be. From this week, we are inviting QuickBooks users to upgrade to the feature-packed QuickBooks Online for free.

Sporting faster load times and payroll integration, simplified and more intuitive navigation and a streamlined design, QuickBooks Online developed to help small businesses and accounting professionals save time and be more productive. In fact, many of the features have been created based on feedback from our customers.


 For those moving across to QuickBooks Online, things will look a little different but all your data will be there waiting for you.  We can also provide  a quick tour and Getting Started Guide-  so in just seconds you’ll know where everything is and how your business is doing. You can find more information explaining the changes, by calling Lauretta on 1300 762 131

So are you going to enjoy the free upgrade to Intuit QuickBooks Online?

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