This week’s blog is by Dennis Griffiths from G&C Bookkeeping. We couldn’t resist sharing it.


In more ways than one I stuck gold when I met Lauretta at the ICB Seminar in early June.

I have been using QBO for a while now and although I managed to process small clients very successfully. It was not until I acquired a large client – a group of 3 Companies, numerous trading outlets within each company, POS  integrations, foreign currency, job and class reporting as well as complex retail staff wages………….. that I really had to come to terms very quickly with QBO. I approached Lauretta for personal training.

With Lauretta’s help and her in depth knowledge of QBO, her friendly and approachable teaching manner – I now feel back in control.  I understand the product in more depth and feel confident using the package onsite with clients. Best money I have spent for a long time and already the training is paying for itself J the training flies by and by the end of it you are totally enthusiastic and can’t wait to get going!

Lauretta looks at things from our point of view – the Bookkeepers point of view.

She gives you all the tips and tricks of the trade, lets you know how to avoid the pitfalls.  You become very time efficient and confident in exploring all the facets of the program.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lauretta to all bookkeepers using QBO. She has made QBO come alive for me.

Thanks Lauretta!


Denny Griffiths – G&G Bookkeeping.


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