If you haven’t already noticed, cloud computing is huge. Yes, the Department of Defense relies on the cloud, but there are still some out there that just can’t imagine moving their data over to a virtual, cloud hosting environment. And everyone moving to cloud.

Moving to Cloud

Are you one of these hesitant people? You should really consider trying the cloud! Cloud hosting can save your time and money if you choose the right hosting provider. Here are five reasons the cloud is becoming increasingly popular, and why you should move to cloud.

A Healthy Wallet, A Healthy Planet

Think about it: you rely on a paper filing system for your business. So you have to purchase paper (made from trees) to send through your printer (which uses expensive electricity to run), and when those forms need to be modified, you throw away whatever you had leftover and the cycle begins anew (printing the revised version on more dead trees with more expensive ink.) Then you distribute the forms around the office, where people probably just throw them in the trash rather than recycle them, or shred them using even more electricity.

So, you probably notice that you are wasting a LOT of money. You could bring down these costs significantly, simply by relying on cloud hosting for those forms. Distribute them electronically: nothing to throw away! No one needs to be paid to file, and your wallet is healthy and happy (as is the environment!). This is a reason of moving to cloud.

Cloud Computing Save Time

When you no longer need to file your records, update them, and head to the printer to replace a spent ink cartridge or load paper into the feeding tray, you are saving time!

Also, every time you update a document and distribute it, are you certain everyone who needs a copy is getting one? If you rely on the cloud to store these forms, this becomes the way people search for a document when they need it. It is always the up-to-date version, with only the most recent copy available to everyone turning to the company cloud! And this is why you should move to cloud.

Cloud Computing Simple

So, there’s a huge project coming up, and you have an entire department hard at work on different aspects. One item is updated, but does anyone else working on the project know it? Can anyone access the information and files that pertain to that project? If you use the cloud, they will! Anyone with access will be able to see any additions made by other members of the group, which negates the confusion that occurs from lack of information. So you can make your life simple though moving to cloud.

Cloud is Organized

How often do you create a document, only to file it away and forget it exists completely? When you rely on the cloud, this doesn’t happen. Everything resides in one place, and if you use the search function, you instantly find the document you’re looking for. Let’s not forget that no one pulls out an old version of a document that has since been revised, using it by accident, resulting in confusion.

Cloud Computing is Secure

Although cloud servers are as vulnerable to hackers as regular servers, they are certainly safer than keeping paper files in the office. Data centers are highly secure, often more secure than your office: fire suppression systems; locked rooms housing servers; 24/7 security guards.

Have you considered cloud hosting? Do you see it as the perfect solution, or do you still have some hesitations?

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